RSW Photographic

My name is Robert Weatherbee and I am an amateur photographer looking to expand my portfolio. I am looking for models, make up artists, fashion designers and interesting people to work with me focusing on Glamour and Portraiture photography as well as artistic nudes.

I am currently accepting both male and female models for TF* projects.

All models please note, during our first shoot together I request that you bring a companion along to help you feel more relaxed while working together.

I am always open to new ideas and I love trying new things.

You can contact me via Email at

***Please note,*** due to the large number of models who have flaked on recent shoots I am afraid I have to implement a no show policy. Any model that does not have the professionalism and courtesy to at least call and cancel prior to the scheduled start time will be invoiced for the cost of the shoot, including the MUA and photographer’s time.

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